``A man's got to know his limitations.'' -- Harry Calahan

I thought I'd use this page to recollect of some of the mayhem that has occured, for no good reason at all, over the years. I'm not really a writer, but I think these things should be written down before they're forgotten, or embellished out of all plausibility, by the various participents.

Shand has already started to document the various city holidays, which worry most sane people, but not us.

Unfortunately John Mackin, whose reality I have backed up on a 9 track, in tar format, is no longer around to tell the old stories, but he was certainly involved in them. I remember the time we fixed a broken 32V file-system's /etc with a screwdriver, sticky tape, adb, dd and a magtape.

And then there is the time we had to terrify suzy.

Spy Factory

Body Armor?

I have been known to keep the cold of the Paris winter at bay with a T-shirt containing two 12 layer, zeppel treated, kevlar 29, defeat level IIA panels. They sure are effective against the wind, and the doc says that they're not bad up against the .357 magnum (modulo the ``blunt trauma'').

In February 1998 I had to upgrade, 'cos IIA is just not up the job. So, I bought a defeat level IIIA vest manufactured by KATA, in Israel, from Doursoüx in Paris. Sure is a fine article; 1.3kg, 28 layer Kevlar and Spectra-Shield mix.

Keeps those 9mm, 124 grain, FMJ rounds out and has pocket for the metal plate (over the heart) to keep those 7.62 rounds at bay. Ya never know when you gonna come up against an AK-47.

For an explanation of defeat levels, check out the NIJ Threat Levels.

The dudes at Doursoüx are way cool. They did the uniforms for Mission Impossible and really know their stuff.

Bell Labs Jumper Logo

New York Daze

There was a time when Bruce was working for Bell, at Murray Hill, and living in New York. I joined him there in '84 and we did God's own fat city. All those Wipeouts at Village Corner (say hello to Joanne).

He probably even has photos of Georgio and Caroline.

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