La Sécurité Sociale

You won't believe the trouble I've had with the Social Security, but I think I've fixed the problem. They've sent my file back to me 3 times now, over the last six weeks, and they still want to see my Social Security card, which I don't have, which may or may not be managed by the social security in the 3rd or the one at Rueil. So, they proposed that I go to Rueil to get another card. So I went down there (6th) this morning to sort it out, once and for all, and I'd decided that shouting at them was the only way to fix it. Well it worked.

The fact that I don't have a card anymore, and that I can't remember where I was registered is my problem. So I explained to them that I payed my social security and they were there to help me, not the other way around. So they said, we are here to help you, you just have to go to Rueil, 6 klicks away, to have the same discussion, potentially to no avail.

So I asked them, why don't you call them? No can do. Ok, a fax. We don't have a fax.

Quoi? C'est les années 90 et vous n'avez pas un fax?

Non, pas de fax.

So there's two of them by now, a senior dude and the counter jerk and the counter jerk is telling me that oh we've sent you these letters but you haven't replied, to ensure that I'm in the wrong in front of his boss. so I told him that I'd replied to all of them and:

Vous avez refusé mon dossier trois fois et chaque fois vous m'avez envoyé une letter stupide.

At this point the chef is not happy: you can go to Rueil.

Non, j'ai pas envie d'aller a Rueil. Je veux faire une attestation pour regler le problème.

And the chef tells me that it's for them to decide, not me, how the problem is fixed. And all along they could have done this, without my assistance.

Slowly but surely, it transpired that, as I suspected, they could do this stuff if they wanted to, but it's easier to play this paper war. And I'm thinking that I will have to go through this again when I move in a month's time.

Finally I reverted to the conditional:

Je voudrais faire une attestation pour regler ce problème.

and they say ok, just this once, and I wrote out some nonsense about:

Je sousigné, declare sur l'honneur:

Je n'ai pas une carte de centre de Rueil-Malmaison et je n'ai pas fait le necessaire d'inscrire au centre de Rueil.

Something like that, so I read it back, what he's told me to write and as I'd just written down what he said literally (bit tired now and I have a cold and hay fever) there was a 'pas' missing before the fait. Ok, add the pas.

And he tells me that the claims I'd sent in, in reponse to the letters I hadn't replied to, had been received and would be processed once they register me.

Then he gives me back two claims that can't be accepted until I have an attestation from my employer that I'd worked more than 60 hours before the first claim, even though it is evident that this is the case from the pay slips that I had given to them, which he said to me is obvious.

Problème reglé.

© 1996, Boyd Roberts: