Hôpital Hôtel Dieu 17-4-2000

The hospital where they patched me up is called L'Hôpital Hôtel Dieu on L'Îsle de la Cité right next to Notre Dame, opposite an outdoor flower market and across the road from La Préfecture de Police. It's some 600 years old. My theory is that it got it's name because if you wound up in hospital during the middle ages you were probably pretty close to meeting God [Dieu].

Here's the:

So I had to get some rays of my left knee down in the X-ray Department: front and profile. You can see the staples and part of the 18cm LCDC [Low Contact Dynamic Compression] plate and some of the 10 lag screws from when I busted my left tibia in April 1998. I guess after a broken nose (twice), left arm, left tibia and left knee I know a bit about broken bones with some help from Avery's Drug Treatment 4th Edition.

Dr Peltier, my surgeon, pieced the two fragments of the transverse fracture back together with two metal bars and wires. The incision was closed with 28 staples and 14 were removed with this staple remover. Strangely enough it didn't hurt at all.

Here's the procedure as I shot it:

The red stuff around the incision isn't blood, it's an antiseptic solution.

What's left? My file, a sticker (still got my name wrong), a random bruise on my shin and something useful when you need to get the hell out...

And I had another appointment on 28 April 2000.

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